Terms and Conditions

1. Agreement
a. This written Agreement (signed Rider Consent Form) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties.

2. Bookings & Payment
a. Availability to participate in a guided ride (”Ride”) is on an email booking request and confirmation basis at the
time of enquiry/booking.
b. To make a booking the participants (“You/ Your”) must be 16 years or over. Those under 16 years of age
should be accompanied on the Ride by a pre-booked parent or guardian. Under 14’s are not allowed to
participate unless previously agreed and stated on our web listing. I.e. Sender Sessions or Skools Out
Adventure Ride.
c. Bookings are automatically confirmed on receipt of full or partial (Min 50%) payment, however, you can elect to
pay up the balance which must be fully paid for in full at least 6 weeks out from your tour. For late bookings
(less than one (1) week prior to the agreed Ride date) full payment shall be required at the time of booking.
d. 42Cycling reserves the right to cancel the booking if full payment is not received as stated above prior
to your tour.
e. For e-bike hires, You agree to pay a refundable security deposit of £250 per e-bike on or before the
day of the Ride. This payment may be taken by cash, cheque or credit/ debit card and will be refunded to you
when the e-bike (and any accessories) is returned in the same condition as at the start of the Ride (ordinary
wear and tear excepted). You will remain responsible for any damage; and repair
costs will be deducted from the security deposit. In the unlikely event that repair costs exceed the security
deposit then you will be invoiced for the difference. Any costs borne will be at standard industry rates, i.e. for labor,
parts etc.
f. Should you book on behalf of a group of two or more people, you will automatically be allocated the status of
‘Lead Booker and will be the primary contact and person responsible for all participants/information and
matters concerning this agreement.
g. You must advise 42Cycling as soon as possible of any error in booking.
h. A comprehensive set of joining instructions (JI’s) which includes where to meet, kit to bring etc will be emailed
prior to or immediately on completion of your booking. Any questions should be directed to the contact details
listed on those JI’s. You will also be requested to complete a Rider Consent Form which must be returned 36
hours prior to starting. Please notify 42Cycling of any issues completing this prior to starting and simple web
link will be provided.
i. For underage riders (18>) which include the hire of an e-bike, proof of your identity shall be required prior to
commencement of the Ride i.e. driving licence, passport or official photo I.D. unless accompanied by an adult
as part of the hire.

3. Cancellation Policy.
a. If you wish to cancel your tour, this must be done by the lead name passenger, in writing to
info@42Cycling.com. You will be liable for the following cancellation charges in full or in part, this is due to
suppliers and additional bookings made to support your booking.
i. Up to Six weeks prior to tour date, a full refund will be issued.
ii. Up to One week prior to tour date, 50% will refunded.
iii. Less than One-week prior tour date, 15% will be refunded.
iv. Within 48hrs of tour, no refund will be given.
b. Fee’s. In all instances above the booking fee and cancellation charge’s that 42Cycling incurs from our booking
and payment provider will be deducted from your refunded booking.

c. We aim to reply within 24 hours to confirm terms of cancellation. Call 42Cycling on 07824 097773 if you
need any further information.

4. Cancellation by us (42Cycling)
a. We may cancel your tour under the following instances:
i. Where extraordinary or unavoidable circumstances arise including the impact of Covid 19 on UK
travel (events of “Force Majeure”); that shall include – but not be limited to – war, riot, civil or political
unrest, terrorism (and their consequences), acts of god, floods, earthquakes and other disasters
(including nuclear), fires/explosions, adverse weather conditions, epidemic or pandemic (including
risks to health), airport closures or flight cancellations/alterations, industrial disputes, strikes or other
industrial action, problems that may arise with transport and governmental decisions and acts
(including FCO advice that may result in restrictions to travel); and/or
ii. A situation where the minimum number needed to operate one of our tours has not been met. We will
advise you of this no later than 2 days prior to departure: and/or where your failure to pay your
balance by the due date.

b. If we cancel your tour prior to the departure date because of clauses 4.a (i) or (ii), we will, where possible,
offer you an alternative tour. If the replacement tour is of a lower value, we will refund the difference in price to
you. If this is not acceptable to you, we will refund all payments you have made to us in respect of your tour.
c. If we must cut short your tour after you have departed due to Covid 19, events Force Majeure, then we may
make a partial refund of the cost of your tour to you, but only where we are able to obtain refunds from our
third-party suppliers. In this event, we reserve the right to retain from any refund made to you an amount
sufficient to cover the costs that we have incurred in relation to organising and administering your tour.
d. Fee’s, in this instance all booking/cancellation fees will be borne by 42Cycling and waivered to you due to our

5. Itinerary Changes
a. You understand and accept routes, timings, schedules, amenity-stops, etc are all subject to change without
warning due to unforeseen factors such as extreme weather, local circumstances or tailored to your ability level.
Should factors above curtail the date of your tour then 42Cycling will get in touch at least 48 hours in advance and
offer alternative dates/vouchers to cost of your tour. Should either offer above not be deemed satisfactory to you then
you will be offered a full refund minus booking/cancellation costs as stipulated in 42Cycling cancellation policy.
b. 42Cycling will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that the Ride commences at the allotted time, and it is
your responsibility to ensure that you arrive in sufficient time to participate in the safety briefing, bike fitting,
etc. Very late arrivals may not be permitted to Ride, and no refunds or compensation will be payable to you in
such circumstances. If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances, then please do call
42Cycling on +44 (0) 7824 097773 and inform of your projected arrival.

6. Vehicle Transfers
a. From time to time the Ride may require vehicle transfer to the start of the planned route. 42Cycling can
transfer up to a maximum of five (4) passengers. All passengers are required to always wear seat belts when
vehicles are in motion. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians of any passenger under the age of 16 to
ensure that their seat belts are fastened properly and for the whole duration of any journey. And where
applicable provide booster seats.

7. 42Cycling Rights
a. The Decision of 42Cycling is final on all matters likely to affect the safety or well-being of you or any other
person participating in the Ride. In the event that you fail to comply with a decision made by 42Cycling or
interfere with the well-being of any other person participating in the Ride; 42Cycling reserves the right to
terminate your Ride immediately, with no right of refund. Subject to the foregoing, and where safe and
appropriate to do so, 42Cycling will have no further liability to you, and you will then be responsible for your
own welfare and for any costs incurred by you to the starting point of the Ride.

8. 42Cycling Liability
a. 42Cycling shall accept liability for direct physical injury caused to You expressly as a result of 42Cycling’s
negligence and only to the extent that it is obliged under Scottish law. 42Cycling responsibility will not begin
until the commencement of the Ride and at the place stipulated in the Joining Instructions/booking listing and
shall cease on completion of the Ride. 42Cycling shall not be liable for any injury, death, loss, or damage
sustained by You or caused by You to a third party as a result of your participation in the Ride.
b. 42Cycling cannot accept any responsibility for losses incurred because of delay or cancellation of the Ride due
to circumstances out with its control (sometimes referred to as “force majeure”).
c. It is strongly recommended that you take out your own personal injury insurance to cover any personal
accidents sustained whilst using 42Cycling’s equipment.
d. You accept responsibility for your own actions during the period of ownership of a bicycle hired by 42Cycling.
You agree, equipment provided is safe and operational and accept liability for any negligent damage to
42Cycling property.
9. 42Cycling Rider Consent.
a. You hereby acknowledge and confirm that You voluntarily booked onto the Ride. You agree to participate in
the Ride, conscious that pursuits such as cycling and mountain-biking can be dangerous, and with the
knowledge that numerous risks, and conditions may exist which are outside the control of 42Cycling.
b. You agree that you will, at all times, participate in the Ride within Your own ability and that You will always wear
approved safety equipment (certified, in date, helmet to be worn as a minimum) . You confirm that Your bike
and personal equipment are in safe working order if bringing your own.
c. You confirm that You are fit to participate in the Ride and that You have informed 42Cycling of any medical
conditions which may affect Your participation in the Ride with the completion of the Rider Consent Form PDF
or by completing the electronic Google Form.

10. Your Property
a. 42Cycling will make every effort to ensure the safe carriage of Your property, all property and equipment belonging to
You will remain Your responsibility and shall be carried at Your own risk. No responsibility for any loss or
damage can be accepted by 42Cycling.
b. 42Cycling will take all reasonable care when transporting bikes; however, 42Cycling shall have no financial
liability for any damage caused by a third party during the Ride or caused by You as a result of Your participation in
the ride.
c. All equipment should be clearly labelled and or recognisable as belonging to you.

11. Miscellaneous
a. This Agreement shall be governed by Scottish law. Any disputes which arise and cannot be settled between the
parties shall be settled in accordance with Scottish Courts.
b. The personal information that You provide to 42Cycling will be used to fulfil your booking only. 42Cycling will not
pass on any information to any 3rd party.

c. You hereby consent to 42Cycling using any photographic or video images taken during the Ride which includes you for any future marketing or promotional reasons and to abide by the simple rule of crediting 42Cycling for any media used on any of your social platforms. Please make it known if otherwise.


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