Highland Cycle GUIDANCE

Cycle guidance by 42 Cycling is designed to improve your capabilities and skills as a rider in any discipline. We work with you to build confidence, increase range and improve skills on road cycles and mountain bikes.

42 Cycling offers adult cycle guidance via both individual sessions and group sessions. We can inspire and build your confidence on the bike to best effect, maximising your time and saving you hard earned money.

We also provide consultancy on buying kit, personal training regimes, hydration and nutrition and most ‘enthusiast’ cycling areas – saving you the time, money and frustrations that we all experienced in working through the same processes as you!


We can guide and cycle with you on your tailored bespoke training plan. We can assist with cycle fitness, mtb skills, confidence and comfort in the saddle.


You may already have a plan in place to improve particular skills but just require a training partner. We can review and work with existing training plans.

our full support

Across our range of experiences, skills & qualifications we've pretty much seen it. We can advise on everything from kit to hydration and nutrition.

improve confidence with cycle GUIDANCE

Cycling can be a daunting pursuit – riding alongside other road users, hurtling down mountain bike trails, both of which has a number of risks if approached in the wrong manner and can deter cyclists without the confidence to master either pursuit. You will be so much more confident with 42 giving you guidance on the trail ahead, minimising avoidable risk and making the most of being in the saddle among the stunning Highland scenery.

How's your downhill?

You can rapidly improve your mountain biking with cycling guidance sessions designed to help you with the technical skills required to find new lines, master the tricky descents and pick alternate climbs. We can guide you to local trails taking in the wonderful, varied mountain bike playgrounds throughout the Highlands which will help take your mountain biking to the next level.

Guided cycles with 42 Cycling will improve your handling and decision making with time spent outside on the bike. Make 42 your training partner.

Our dedicated, professional team are on-hand to assist with your enquiry, we can organise and arrange bespoke tours across a variety of Highland destinations – all led by tour and cycling professionals focused on providing an unrivalled way to experience the Highlands of Scotland, all on 2 wheels!

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My name is Kev Stacey, owner & founder at 42 Cycling. Read more about our company here, or get in touch to ask us a question here.

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Copyright © 2020 42 Cycling 

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