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professional road cycling tours

Ranging from single day trips to bespoke packages of 2 days or longer, tailored and adjusted to your needs, ensuring we make the most of your visiting time in the Highlands. Select one of out trips below or allow us to design, plan and lead a bespoke trip for you. 

As experienced, professional and enthusiastic cyclists we know the Highlands like the back of our hand. Our tour leaders are best placed to show the Highlands at their very best, viewed from the road side and the saddle up close. Breathe the Highland air, enjoy the Highland weather and let us take you on an experience you won’t forget.

Contact us about our extensive tour options, including assisting with transport links, support vehicles, meals & accommodation.

For Cycling Enthusiasts

We cater to groups of any capability, but as cycling enthusiasts we know that some history in the saddle will mean you get the most from our Highland road cycling tours.

See the Highlands

The Highlands is home a diverse range of landscapes all visible and best viewed from the roadside. Our road cycling tours get you close and personal with the best views.

Fitness & Wellness

At the core of our service offering is the pursuit of healthy bodies and minds. We advise, guide & encourage cycling in order to achieve this for our customers.


You can travel so much further and faster on a road bike and therefore see a lot more of what the Highlands of Scotland has to offer. The physical and psychological benefits are also greatly enhanced by consistently working some of the largest and longest muscles groups in your body.

There are some stunning loops starting and finishing from Inverness or perhaps you are only after a half day or a single day in the saddle and need a training partner?

Get in touch and ask the question, we will do everything we can to help.

All of our trips below can be amended tailored to suit your needs and more importantly availability. We will cater for one cyclist up to a group size of 7 cyclists. Group discounts will be applied.

Come share our passion for the stunning scenery and fresh air on offer.

You will have a tremendous time.



MILES = 18

The Lochs (hilly with some stunning views).

Up Essich hill cycle close to the edges of Loch Ashie and Loch Duntelchaig to then climb back up and finish with a quick descent.

Time – 60 minutes.

Culloden Battlefield

MILES = 45

The last battle to be fought on the British soil.

We start the day by cycling the back road up and over the hill with a nice descent down to the village of Inverarnie before turning left and then heading towards the A9 which we go under. We then continue on a quiet back road towards Cawdor taking a left turn going under Culloden Viaduct before cycling uphill to the Battlefield where the support vehicle will meet you with your change of shoes / clothes to explore the battlefield at your leisure.

Wandering the battlefield as a free-spirit is free, however, should you wish to make use of the visitor centre then there is a small cost payable on the day of visiting direct to the visitor centre.

Once you are happy seeing Culloden Battlefield then reverse route back home stopping at Clava Cairns an ancient burial site built over 4000 years ago before continuing back to Inverness.

A full day with some climbing which is very manageable. If this is to be the furthest you have ever ridden then what a trip to go on. Fear not as you will have lots of help and support to get you there. A tremendous experience.

Cawdor Castle

MILES = 35

Inverness over the hill to Inverarnie then under the A9 taking the Cawdor road. very quiet and scenic route and quick. Once in Cawdor you will be met by the support vehicle which will have your change of shoes / clothes. You will then be left alone to explore Cawdor Castle and Gardens after which we will take the reverse route back taking in Clava Cairns if time permits.
Easy day in the saddle with moderate fitness required.
There is an entrance fee on the day payable direct to Cawdor Castle. You will be informed of upto date prices prior to departing.

Fort George

MILES = 60

Visit the mighty Fort George where The Black Watch, 3rd Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland are stationed.

We will take a series of quiet roads to get there. This is truly a stunning Fort which is still used by the British Army. You may even see Dolphins in the Moray Firth, definitely be able to see Channory Point Lighthouse from the Ramparts.

Support vehicle will meet you there to allow you to change into shoes / clothes.

An outstanding part of the world and a must visit location in the Highlands.

Loch Ness

MILES = 40 to 60

Taking the quiet roads to the village of Dores which lies on the banks of Lochness we will then head towards Foyers. You will see the might of the Loch to your right.

Once at Foyers you will have an opportunity to visit the Falls of Foyers which is free to all. The support vehicle will be there to meet you for a change of footwear. Foyers has two excellent cafes to choose from for a spot of lunch or a cake and a coffee.

There are a few routes back to Inverness depending on how you are feeling. You will be tired and sleep well after this trip. Plenty of fresh Lochness air to be had.
Moderate fitness required, Fear not if this is your longest ever ride then we will be there to guide and help you.

Allow 42 to guide you to the most stunning locations.

North Coast 500

MILES = 542  Ascent: 33,000ft 

DAYS = 5 to 12

Not for the faint hearted!

12 Day itinerary link here https://bit.ly/NC500_2020

This is one to strike off your bucket list a truly memorable experience with some long days in the saddle. An iconic coastal route that has sandy white beaches, tropical turquoise green seas and breathtaking scenery. Expect to average 100 miles a day with a minimum climb total of 6000 ft or more per day.

This is definitely one of the must do cycle rides of your life.
There will be a support vehicle on hand to help keep you on the road with a fully qualified mechanic to sort any as and when issues. Your enjoyment and safety is our main priority throughout.

We have deliberately not set any dates as we aim to work around your availability.

We will cater for 1 cyclist up to a maximum group size of 7 making sure you are well looked after.

More cyclists means a lower cost per person.
High level of fitness required and can do attitude, you may get physically tired but you will not get tired of seeing some of the best scenery in the world.

Get in touch to find out how to make this dream happen.

Our dedicated, professional team are on-hand to assist with your enquiry, we can organise and arrange bespoke tours across a variety of Highland destinations – all led by tour and cycling professionals focused on providing an unrivalled way to experience the Highlands of Scotland, all on 2 wheels!

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